High pressure cleaner spoils paint?

Washing your car at home today is very easy. It was a time when it was necessary to use patience to clean the car using only the hose, and often the pressure did not help. What about the car wash, which in the past only existed in gas stations and with those huge rollers that in the end ended up damaging paint and parts of vehicles with their enormous pressure on the body.

With the high pressure washers, it was easy to remove all that dirt from the car, providing not only the complete soaping of the vehicle, but the quick removal of the product and also of other substances that have adhered to the paint or other part of the car. Some 20 years ago, having such a washing machine at home would be a luxury, since the equipment was not at all small. In addition to reducing water consumption, these machines also speed up service life.

Brands like Kärcher and Wap had very large pressure washers, usually mounted on trolleys, due to their weight. The pressure was similar to current products, now very compact and light, which can be carried even without wheels for handling. These devices have a pressure between 50 bars (750 psi) and 1,200 bars (30,000 psi), although some exceed that mark. But, if you noticed, 1,200 bars is a lot of pressure.

In reality, some high pressure washers when connected with larger hose sizes, in the case of thickness, can produce jets of water strong enough to push a man on a smooth surface. But in general, home notebooks are not that strong and can produce a good car wash, especially if it is very dirty. This pressure, however, is much higher than that produced by a hose with a special nozzle to increase the strength of the water that comes through the sanitation network.

So, for many people it is doubtful whether to wash the car with high pressure equipment, the paint can be damaged. This is because there are some parts of the car that are more fragile when applying product or water under force than natural.

So, does a pressure washer spoil paint? Do not spoil if the jet is not placed too close to the body. The use of these washing machines is indicated for cleaning smooth surfaces, as is the painting of cars.

Some manufacturers even indicate how to wash your car correctly using these high pressure washers. In this case, it is advisable to start the initial wash from top to bottom, in order to avoid that the heavier dirt, present in the lower part of the body and on the wheels are projected on the vehicle's paint, thus being able to scratch.

When lathering, do not do the job in the sunlight, look for a shady place to do this. Preferably, do it from the beginning, if possible.

To apply the soap, which must be neutral or specific product for washing cars, use the appropriate reservoir for application using the high pressure washer. If it does not have this item, then move from top to bottom using a sponge or glove for special cleaning products, making circular movements and without putting too much force.

Tips to keep your dream blonde hair

There are many reasons that make someone choose to have beautiful blonde locks, but the most important thing is to feel more beautiful and good about yourself.

Sporting this tone in your hair requires you to devote some special care to changing and keeping your blond hair always well maintained and healthy.

Therefore, we will present essential tips for you who are looking for the best way to not harm your wires and parade around blonde:

Follow these tips and you will have no problems keeping your hair blond:

Choose the best type of blonde for you: as there are several shades of blonde it is important that you know which one best suits your skin tone, otherwise the effect can attenuate your beauty.

There are many tone options, ranging from the most traditional to the least common. Among the best known are: light blond, platinum, medium, grayish, honey, golden blond, among others. Of course there are some variations, so be sure to check which one is right for you.

Prepare the hair to receive the dye: after choosing the right shade, you need to prepare the strands. Most of the time, a hair bleaching process will be necessary, which requires that the hair fiber is strong and healthy. Start to prepare 15 days in advance, with a reconstruction mask, during the week do a hydration, then nutrition. Alternate these last two procedures until the day you apply the dye, so you guarantee that you can keep your blonde hair stunning.

Discoloration protectors: applied through a spray, it is a treatment carried out on the threads before the discoloration process begins. It works like a real shield in the hair, shielding the threads of the chemical used in bleaching and guaranteeing the change of tone lighter without damaging.

Hair washing: it may seem simple, but washing to keep blond hair needs dedication. First, use a vegetable oil, like coconut oil, before washing, so the hair will be protected from the friction of the washes. The water temperature cannot be too hot, as it will damage the hair. Do not rub too hard; make circular movements with your fingers on the scalp in a smooth way are enough to leave them clean.

Choosing the right shampoo : this is a continuation of the previous item. To choose the ideal shampoo, you must take into account that this product does not have the exclusive function of cleaning, it also serves to recover and maintain blond hair always magnificent.

The Kérastase Reflection Bain Chroma Riche Shampoo is an excellent option for those who want to carry out the treatment on sensitized hair with locks. Alternate the use of this product with deep cleansing shampoos, at most every 15 days, to remove excess impurities. Visit this link to gain more ideas: shampoo products

The amount applied can interfere with the result. So, you don't need to use half a liter, just an amount equivalent to two small coins. Wash the root and spread it to the tips, then repeat the process with half the amount applied the first time, this will ensure that nutrients can penetrate the hair fiber.

Finishing of the threads: the finishing to keep the blond hair impeccable must include a good vegetable oil for moistening, both for the day of discoloration, as for the routine washes. Also don't forget to use the conditioner, preferably from the same line as the shampoo. The conditioner and vegetable oil are used to close the scales of the capillary threads that were opened in the hair bleaching process.

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