HEAVY WINGED - The Thinner The Air cassette
Very pleased to announce that after much ongoing talk between me and the band, Blackest Rainbow will be issuing the very first Heavy Winged cassette. A total beast from this cross country American trio of Ryan, Jed and Brady recorded just after a 4 day east coast tour in November 2007 at Ryan's house in Vermont. The music switches between pure heavy repetitive riffing, drum kit massacre and shredding bass to more melancholy weird minimal bits, which actually co-inside with the last jam the band did before parting ways across the map. Nevertheless, this is another totally amazing and essential release from one of my favourite bands around right now. Limited to 200. Pro-dubbed cassettes.

HUSERE GRAV - Untitled cassette
A desolate and bleak new 30 minutes from Husere Grav, following on from releases on Not Not Fun, Stunned and Small Doses. 8 tracks of stark drifting blackened tones, claustrophobic tension building throughout each untitled track. The opening track opens with a empty repeated riff, shrouded in a thick electric drone and perhaps a drum beat crushed to the very edge of recognition, followed by a piece that engulfs the listener in a plague of blackened sounds working against one another. The sounds continue with static organic zone outs and soundtrack-style compositions. Husere Grav's newest release showcases a host of influences from dark ambient, black metal and power electronics but unlike the latter genres, never sounds harsh, the sound is just dark, brooding doom. The lack of any information and titles enhance the somewhat mysterious artist behind this excellent bleak sound project. Limited to 100, pro-dubbed with black and white covers printed on parchment paper.

ROBE. - Time Dilation CDR
Massively epic new release from this American duo of stark echoing multi-instrumental drone, layers of charcoal to black emptiness that has gathered pretty solid sound throughout the releases they've unleashed last year, this is bleak, not harsh, just dark, and unrelenting for it's immense near 80 minute duration... Fans of Sunn O))), Robedoor, and occult ritual nightmares will zone into this. Limited to 150.

ROBERT HORTON AND SINDRE BJERGA - Can't Go Fast Enough to Get There Early CD
Wild and eclectic mail collaborations from one of America's most recently on fire jammers Robert Horton, and Norway's drone master Sindre Bjerga. Both have incredibly solid resumes of collaborations and releases, what with Sindre's ongoing collaboration with Jan Iversen, and Robert's collaborations with Tom Carter and the Mudsuckers crew of Pete and Gabe (of Yellow Swans), which also includes Carter. 'Can't Go Faster Enough to Get There Early' features a massive range of instruments and sounds, from multiple instrument based layered drone to down right weirdness, and total outsider vibes. Also features Hal Hughes, Lisa Graves and Jan Iversen. Glass mastered CDs, limited to 264 in white digipaks with stickered covers and a small 4 page insert of liner notes. Please note some tracks feature digital clicks and pops, this is meant to be there.

Recorded over a weekend back in the early months of 2009, here are 2 tracks of multi instrumental composition from Ben Nash and Sophie Cooper (CooperJones). The music here is truly beautiful, personally I think this is some of the best work to come from both Ben and Sophie so far. Total late night guitar meanderings blurred with a haze of deep churning scrapes from various instruments and layered drone bliss, creating 2 totally immersive and beautiful psychedelic drone. Some of the guitar playing here has a beautiful Loren Connors mets Ry Cooder Paris Texas era sound, and then when both Ben and Sophie reach for the gee-tars you have the beautiful mix of Ben's reflective electric blues and Sophie's purely relaxed acoustic musings, totally fantastic. This really has it down for me as something truly different, lets hope that they continue to record as this duo. I certainly cannot wait for more... Glass mastered pro pressed CD (not cdr) in pro printed full colour card wallet, one time pressing of 1000. Co-released with Ben's own Recollections of Knulp label.

FOREST CREATURE - Frustrated Analogue CD
Very pleased to announce the first 'proper' release from this local duo of Ben Moon and Richard Sides, and a very new sound for Blackest Rainbow. Forest Creature has been through many different sounds, starting as a fairly harsh noise experience opening for bands like Wolf Eyes and Jazkamer back when we did shows. They later on incorporated live drums and screwed up vocals, and a purely animal live experience. The duo's sound has progressed more and more over the last year, with different sounds collating to make Forest Creature reach a point where they have their very own sound. Their previous sound would've fitted nicely into the Load Records roster, and then building to sound more like some kind of blend of Black Dice, early Animal Collective and Fuck Buttons. But now over the last few months I've experienced some of their best live performances yet (performed in near total darkness with flickering TV screens and bulbs) they pummel their audience with thumping beats, raging psychedelic synth, broken glitches and clicks, they seemed to have found a definite place that seems to be right for them. Strangely enough some of this material even reminds me of the supreme days of Sheffield's techno and IDM music boom back in the late 80s and early 90s with legends like Autechre, Black Dog, and the hay day of Warp Records best releases. If you're into Black Dice, early Warp Records, Animal Collective and aren't afraid of a little beat here and there then I suggest you check out Forest Creature! Glass mastered pro pressed CD (not CDR) in full colour pro printed CD wallet.

EYEBALLS - The Invisible Castle CD
Richard Dawson's project that debuted on Blackest Rainbow earlier this year, which was followed by CDRs on Bells Hill, Low Point and Dead Pilot, and another release on Blackest Rainbow, a split cassette with fellow UK droner Gareth Hardwick. The Invisible Castle is far more intense, and in some ways heavier than the previous releases on BR, but retains Dawson's own dark take on the world of psychedelic drone music, and this is a proper drone release, clocking in an hour for the full piece. Intense and superb! Limited to 1000 copies in pro-printed wallets.

BONG - Gilgamesh Lives CD
Amazing new live jams from Newcastle's BONG. Two long tracks of stoned slow motion drums, guitar, bass and sitar... This is a great follow up to their previous split LP we put out earlier in the year, edition of 1000 copies is bleak pro-printed card sleeve with cover artwork by Chris from Gnod and back artwork by the band.

Edges will be the first widely available release by Beggin' Your Pardon Miss Joan, and is a collection of several old songs from previous highly limited releases on Centre of the Wood, Dead Pilot and Reverb Worship, plus 5 new tracks. The project is from the minds of Lex and Vanessa Panayi, Lex some of you may recognise as he also plays under the name of Guanaco±, who earlier this year had the Sky Burials LP released on BR. On this 9 track CD there are moments comparable to some of the material on the aforementioned LP, but at times it has a more singer-songwriter sound with more vocals, as well as merging autumnal psychedelic vocal excursions and traditional folk guitar meanderings. A really gorgeous collection of songs. Edition of 500, full colour pro printed card wallets.

CHRISTINA CARTER - Texas Blues Working CD
Quite simply one of my all time favourite releases on Blackest Rainbow from one of this generations most amazing artists gets the upgrade from cassette to double vinyl LP, featuring the original 6 tracks from the original release, along with an additional brand new amazing track. The original edition on tape received some fantastic reviews, so its great to finally have this out on vinyl, as it really is a superb recording, which came out around one of Christina's most amazingly active recording periods, self releasing fantastic discs like Masque Femine, Two Nights Film and A Blossom Fell as well as Kranky releasing Original Darkness in 2008. Texas Blues Working features six tracks of stunningly haunting guitar and vocals, creating an immensely deep and emotional listening experience. The previously unreleased track, the sublime 21 minute 'Ladyfriend', is another example of Christina's incredible voice and guitar playing. Her voice is just unreal, so deeply emotional and mournful it gives you goosebumps. CD housed in a 4 panel moonpack featuring black and white photographs by Joe Blanchard. Limited to 500 copies.

JACK ALLETT - The Collapsing Middle CD
Debut full length vinyl release from Jack Allett, formerly known as Spoono, who previously had a CDR on Blackest Rainbow followed by a split LP with Cam Deas, and a 7" on The Great Pop Supplement. Jack also plays with Ben Knight (Helhesten) in the duo Towering Breaker. This debut waxer is a fine introduction to one of the UK's most interesting solo guitarists. Jack blends sublime finger picking with swirling drones and psychedelic static to create a sound that is very much his own. A must for fans of acoustic guitar music from the past few years, Jack could well be one of the most interesting players there is at the moment. CD edition house in a 4 panel moonpack. Limited to 200 copies.

TWINSISTERMOON - When Stars Glide Through Solid CD
Long awaited reissue of the debut release from Mehdi Amezianes Twinsistermoon project, originally released as a gorgeous handmade self released CDR in 2007, to many of Natural Snow Buildings and each of their solo project, this is the pick of all their releases, which is rather ironic being that its one of the smallest release runs in the discography of all the Natural Snow Buildings and related projects, it is infact the most limited release of all the Twinsistermoon releases. But due to the massive level of word of mouth about their releases on blogs and in the smaller press publications this release has become one of those holy grail releases. Unlessof course you have a small wedge of cash lying around doing nothing. So, finally, and with great pleasure, the much talked of reissue is finally here. The record opens with a real stunner, 'I Wish I Could Drown The World In Reverberation' is a trance inducing piece, with percussive tambourine, dreamy vocals, and shimmering strings, with a gorgeous organic rich feeling. It's followed by 'To Breath Underwater', a more pastoral folk song, akin to some late 60s/early 70s folk artists. The album as a whole focuses more on the song based material which occasionally venture into the more far out zone outs. The CD reissue features an additional bonus track, which is exclusive to the CD edition and is packaged in a beautiful gatefold sleeve featuring stunning new artwork by Solange Gularte. Limited to 500 copies.

c carter texas lp
jack allett cover

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