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USURPER - What Time Is It? 1000 Bux LP
Usurper hit their 10 year anniversary this year, and to celebrate they went into a studio and dropped a ton of money on this brand new recording for Blackest Rainbow. Personally these two lads are probably my favourite live act in the UK right now. NME recently amended their decision to name the Stones as best live band to Usurper also, so there you go, the music industry has spoken. '1000 Bux' is one hell of a record, Duff and Robertson continue to venture to new levels of the scrape and scratch genre that no one will see coming. There instruments are your everyday objects (maybe even junk). Expect to be confused, amused and probably even bemused. Edition of only 100 hand numbered copies with hand stamped labels. White sleeves with pasted on artwork on the front and back.

MV & EE - Shade Grown LP
Shade Grown is the new studio LP from Vermont psych folk rulers, Matt Valentine and Erika Elder. Their first studio jam for Blackest Rainbow, something we've been keen to do for a while now after our previous live release for the duo. Shade Grown drops just in time for their November/December EU/UK tour, which judging by this LP, you won't want to miss out on. The record features MV & EE channelling some spaced out tones with various incarnations of The Golden Road, the cosmic jamming back up unit they venture out with from time to time. This personnel this time round reads as a who's who of talent in the current psych/folk underworld... Jeremy Earl (Woods/Woodsist), Herbcraft, Rongoose, Carson 'Smokehound' Arnold, Doc Dunn, Mick Flower (Vibracathedral Orchestra/Flower Corsano Duo) and Muskox. You're in for a treat of lunar blues, psych folk, and free form outer limit jammin'. We're keeping this release strictly analogue. No download, no streaming. Vinyl only, like the good old days. Pressed in an edition of 600 copies package in a full colour sleeve with insert. 300 copies on 180 gram transparent teal vinyl, 300 copies on 180 gram black virgin vinyl.

MIKE GANGLOFF - Poplar Hollow LP
Black Twig Picker and Pelt member Mike Gangloff self released the fantastic Poplar Hollow in an edition of only 200 copies earlier this year, and upon seeing it sneak out we instantly got excited to hear it with the potential for a vinyl edition. And hell, what we heard we loved, and are real pleased to drop it on glorious vinyl for the masses! Poplar Hollow perfectly blends his other projects together, merging experimental sounds with traditional American folk and roots music. Comprising of Mike performing vocal/banjo/violin duties, he brings a new eclectic and at times psychedelic vibe to much of this record. Poplar Hollow is a record unlike any I have heard recently, Gangloff is a truly individual force in the American scene, and this record further cements that status. Pressed in an edition of 500 copies, 250 on 180 gram red and green swirl vinyl, and 250 copies on 180 gram black vinyl. Includes download of the album. Packaged in a sleeve featuring the inimitable eye popping art of Jake Blanchard.

BONG - Idle Days On The Yann LP
New slab of wax from Newcastle's premium blazers Bong. Idle Days On The Yann follows on from their untitled Record Store Day LP we released earlier this year, and this new 40 minute beast has the enhanced and perhaps unexpected addition of vocals from Holly Forster. Holly's zoned out vocals mirrors the lumbering psych doom vibe that this quartet have built over the last 6 years. Killer artwork by Lucy Johnson as with their release on MIE Music. The LP is pressed in an edition of 700 copies. 350 copies pressed on gold and black swirl 180 gram vinyl, and 350 on black 180 gram vinyl. Includes download of the album.

Carlton Melton have been releasing some incredible improvised psychedelic jams over the last few years, released through their own Mid To Late label and the great UK label Agitated. So after hanging out with these guys at their show here and being absolutely blown away, we're pleased to be releasing this prelude to their forthcoming new LP for Agitated later this year. This new four track 30+ minute 12" EP is dripping with heavy riffs, thunderous drums, gurgling synth psychedelia, and mind altering bass. The Carlton Melton sound lies between drone and space rock entwined with loose jam band improvisation, and they blend it perfectly with a touch of baked stoner rock. The record features special guests Brian McDougall, and John McBain (founding member of the legendary Monster Magnet). McBain also mastered the audio. Limited to 600 copies pressed on 180 gram virgin vinyl. 300 copies are on transparent blue vinyl and 300 copies are black. Transparent blue copies will be randomly distributed to shops.
We have approximately 100 copies of the coloured vinyl available to pre-order.

HELLVETE - Sint - Denijs LP
Brand new record from Glen Steenkiste, founding member of Silvester Anfang and their more recent incarnation Sylvester Anfang II. Currently Glen is also frequently collaborating with his fellow Anfang member, Ernesto Gonzalez (aka Bear Bones Lay Low) in their free-drone project Gonzalez & Steenkiste. But whilst being active in these projects he still finds time to craft his own music. “Sint-Denijs” is his second solo full length vinyl release following his “De Gek” lp for Kraak Records from 2010, and several great cassette and CDR releases for fantastic labels like Funeral Folk, Sloow Tapes, Audiobot and SicSic Tapes. Since his previous record on Kraak, Steenkiste has been getting more and more interested in sustained tones, foreign melodies and longer compositions. On this new record he draws influences from early Minimalism and old folk music and with the use of harmonium, bowed banjo, electric tampura and analog synth he creates probing intense sounds that try to undo notions of time and place. Steenkiste’s music is like taking an endless shower of sunbeams, warm, comforting and mind-altering. Music that makes time stand still and focuses on shifting details and textures, but massive in sound and presence. This record is pressed in an edition of 500 copies on 180 gram virgin vinyl including a digital download coupon. 200 copies are on ultra clear vinyl, 300 on black. Ultra clear copies will be randomly distributed to shops. We have approximately 100 copies of the coloured vinyl available to pre-order.

Acid Mothers leader and Reynols legend meet once again for a wild psych out explosion! Kawabata and Courtis previously worked together on 2006's Kokura for Riot Season, here they return for a raging trip of psychedelic noise rock recorded in February 2011, in Osaka, Japan. Both Kawabata and Courtis are playing guitar, but with Anla bringing tapes and vocals to the mix and Makoto bow and effects. Namba Lightbeam, the first of two 20 minute pieces, opens with a eastern sounding drone sound, much like some of Kawabata's solo work, it steadily builds into a torrent of slashing guitar riffs, eventually returning to a more minimal sound even with a more signature Acid Mothers guitar sound from Makoto at one point with zoned vocal drones from Anla. This continues onto side B with Inaudible Bears, with a distorted echoey haze of effects and riffs, layered over one another. This side continues to fluctuate between minimal riffs and blasts of noisier guitar destruction. Limited to 300 copies pressed on 180 gram heavyweight virgin vinyl, 100 copies of which are exclusive to direct mailorder customers pressed on Yellow splatter vinyl. Packaged in a very fitting insane sleeve featuring absolutely wild artwork, includes download coupon for the album as FLAC, MP3, WAV, or pretty much any other format you could desire.

BEN NASH - The Mineral Victim LP
After a period of silence from Ben, he returned earlier this year with Oh Lordy Me (My Heart Is Wandering Again) for Blackest Rainbow, a record which saw him drop his guitar and create an entire LP using an iPad with the Tenori-on app. Perhaps an unexpected turn, but then this year has been a pretty interesting one for Ben, returning to playing live after a long hiatus, surprising people by playing live in Sheffield and London for separate sets with Mehdi and Solange from Natural Snow Buildings as a trio, and following that he has continued to record new material for a forthcoming new project with the french duo. The Mineral Victim, seems in many ways like a return to the more organic sound of Ben's previous work, it's not got the psych folk guitar sound of his debut The Seventh Goodbye LP, but it retains the more psychedelic drone aspects that some of the tracks had on that record. In many ways it pulls in aspects of all of Ben's work, from his early more cosmic drone experiments and psychedelic excursions, to his recent collaborations with Ameziane and Gularte, which will hopefully see the light of day next year... Vinyl edition of only 250 copies pressed on 180 gram virgin vinyl, 100 copies of which are exclusive to direct mailorder customers pressed on clear blue vinyl with white and grey splatter. Sleeve designed by Rob Lye of Chora. Includes download coupon for the album as FLAC, MP3, WAV, or pretty much any other format you could desire.


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