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ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE & THE COSMIC INFERNO - Shakespeare From The Cosmic Inferno CDR
Very limited CDR reissue of this classic bootleged AMT side from back in August 2008, recorded at The Shakespeare in Sheffield, a great venue that played host to Acid Mothers first show in Sheffield, and it was so packed, the floor was literally moving underneath the crowd, the room was like a sauna, every single person dripping with sweat, it was one of the busiest shows I'd been too in Sheffield in a long time. I remember there being some total hippies down the front going so nuts, it was like all their dreams had come true seeing Acid Mothers before them. And, of course, it was INSANELY loud. This release captures that, the sheer volume AMT were playing at for the size of the room was crazy. I remember several months after, a guy I know said he'd heard there was a recording of it, and then a few months from then he said he'd managed to get a hold of it and he'd got a copy for me. After months I managed to get it, it was on DVD as it was too long to fit on a CD, so the guy had said he'd literally said he'd sat in front of the TV and listened to the 80+ minutes staring at a blank screen. That must've been a hell of an experience. I managed to get a hold of it in the end, and edited to a perfect 79 minute release just cutting of a few minutes of the encore. This double LP collects those 79 minutes of the recording, 6 tracks including two awesome versions of Pink Lady Lemonade, and other classics like Heart of Earth and Space Disco. The line up for the show was Pika (Afrirampo), Tabata Mitsuru, Hugashi Hiroshi, Shimura Koji, and Kawabata Makoto. Both Pika and Shimura played drums, so the set was seriously heavy as you will find out when you get this spinning... Be warned there are a couple of points in this where the sound goes a little crackly and distorted, but only very, very briefly, and it does get pretty loud at a few points. Just like a true bootleg should be! Edition of 100 hand numbered copies in new artwork with Japanese details (and a handy insert with English details also).

SINDRE BJERGA - False Positive CDR
UK tour disc from Norwegian sonic slayer Sindre Bjerga, one half of, you guessed it, Bjerga/Iversen! False Positive was recorded live at Myymala2 Gallery, Helsinki, Finland, August 7th, 2012. A 19 minute piece of Sindre's creeping weird scrapes and bursts of static fuzz. Edition of 40 packaged in digipacks with pasted on artwork and a hand numbered insert.

Orphan Fairytale emerged mid 2000s from the Belgian underground which seems to be a consistently solid ground for fantastic music emerging. This brand new LP from Eva Van Deuren's Orphan Fairytale project follows on from her fantastic 'Ladybird Labyrinth' LP on Ultra Eczema as well as releases on Rampart, Foxglove, Release The Bats and many other great labels. 'Comets Come Alive' is a beautiful dreamy album of keyboard, layered with various unknown objects, toys and other non-instruments creating a sea of sound that is so stunning it's hard to put into words. The sounds Eva creates have a childlike nursery rhyme like quality which is what makes her music so charming, it's simplistic, but there's not much else out there that sounds like what Eva does, she blends the minimalistic with the psychedelic. 'Comets Come Alive' is pressed on 180gram virgin vinyl including a download code. Edition of 500 copies, 100 copies pressed on 180 gram green vinyl with red, yellow and blue splatter with a hand numbered insert available only directly from Blackest Rainbow and 400 copies on 180 gram black virgin vinyl with an un-numbered insert on a different coloured paper to the coloured vinyl edition. Includes a download card for the entire album as FLAC, WAV, MP3 etc, you decide what format. Order at Bandcamp and get instant download of a track from the album.

SPACE VICTIM - Decreased Awareness Of inner Processes CDR
New CDR of nightmare visions from this relatively unknown Newcastle duo that features Mike Vest of Bong/Basillica etc. Potentially one of the most weird and eerie projects I;ve heard from Mike, fractured strings echo across vast bellowing strange sounds. Probably one of my favourites from all his associated projects so far. Black and white art printed on coloured card.

SWAN-HUNTER - Live Sheffield 3rd July 2012
Blackest Bootlegs - £4.00
Limited edition CDR, the third release on Blackest Bootlegs. 12 minutes of double guitar worship, static doom effects, and insane vocal through two trashed mobile phones. Swan-Hunter is the solo project of Adam Denton, frequent collaborator of Cameron Deas (in Deas & Denton) and one half of Trans Human. Recorded live on July 3rd in Sheffield.

MV & EE - Godchaux Free Brattleboro 4 x cassette box set
Four live excursions from MV & EE, this time keepin' it strictly local to their dwellings. Four sets spanning 2011 - 2012, three Golden Road sets and a set backed up by The Toasted Clam. These high quality cuts feature the fine musicians Rongoose, Smokehound and Herbcraft. Continuing on from the previous box set collabs with MV & EE you get the usual white custom made box with a full colour cover, pro-dubbed and printed cassettes with a small 8 page black and white booklet. Over 4 hours of sounds across four cassettes: 'Jettison Awareness', 'Townie Tumbleweeds', 'Vegas Booyah' and 'Mesos Pot Amia'. All four sets are multitrack recorded/soundboard matrix mixes, so the sound is fantastic! Comes with a download code for the whole set. Edition of only 180

MATTHEW SHAW - There Was Never A Time When Your Life Was Not Now, Nor Will There Ever Be CDR
Beautiful new CDR from Matthew Shaw, the man behind Tex La Homa and Apollolaan Recordings, and one half of the Blue Tree (with Andrew Paine) and Fougou (with Brian Lavelle). Shaw has released some beautiful work across these various projects as well so some fantastic records on Apollolaan. This new 40 minute piece was recorded in inner city Vancouver BC (Canada), hedges in Sandbach, Cheshire (UK) Blandford Forum and surrounding Dorset countryside (UK) & Zeist and it's woods (The Netherlands), blending field recordings and instrumentation. Colour covers featuring photography by Matthew from various locations where the recording of this album took place.

JAZZFINGER - Titan Granolith 2 x cassette
Brand new limited double cassette of crumbling decaying drone zones from Newcastle's finest, Jazzfinger. 15 tracks across almost three hours. Packaged in a double cassette case, pro-dubbed, hand numbered edition of 100, includes download of the music as a FLAC, WAV or many other file formats.

JEFF GRACE - Meek's Cutoff (Music From The Motion Picture) 10"
Kelly Riechardt has directed several films, An Old Joy, Wendy and Lucy, and last year saw the release of Meek's Cutoff. A slow burning, bleak film following a small group of settlers traveling across the Oregon High Desert with their guide Stephen Meek. What follows is increased paranoia and tension as they start to believe Meek does not the territory he has lead the group in to. The film was released to some fantastic reviews and Michelle Williams recently won the Hollywood Film Festival Award for Best Actress for Meek's Cutoff, My Week With Marilyn and Take This Waltz. This fantastic film's score was written by Jeff Grace. Grace has scored several films including Ti West's excellent retro horror 'House of the Devil' and Jim Mickles great vampire movie 'Stake Land', as well as working as an assistant to Howard Shore's score for Peter Jackson's 'The Lord Of The Rings' trilogy. Grace's soundtrack work is always interesting and defies genre. For Meek's Cutoff, Grace enhanced the films portrayal of the fear of the unknown stark land the group faces. The sounds composed by Jeff Grace are hypnotic, ambient and minimal, much like the deserted dust lands the characters in the film travel through. The soundtrack blends classical composition with drone and experimental avant garde music. Meek's Cutoff was one of my favourite soundtracks and films of 2011, and I'm honoured to present it here on 10" virgin vinyl, in a gorgeous sleeve, including a small insert of liner notes and photographs of the film. Produced in a one-time edition of 250 hand numbered copies and includes download coupon.

Debut collaborative release from Manuel Padding and Steve Gunn (GHQ). Steve plays guitar with effects and Manuel is on electronics, vocals and percussion. Dune Church comprises of two tracks, The Original Mind Roti being the first with some beautiful playing from Steve which is reminiscent of his solo work and his GHQ collaborations with Marcia Bassett, but layered with Manuel's electronics, which fluctuate between psychedelic hazes to almost concrete walls of heavy drones at noises at times, it creates something otherworldly. The B side, 'Stone Canoe' has rapid cascading plucking merged with whirring electronics, Steve's playing moves in and out of the blissed out mystic drones already laid down by the duo, haunting vocals creeping in and out. These two 20 minute tracks should be played as loud as possible. Pressed in an edition of 300 on virgin vinyl with donwload code for your choice of high quality digital download format.

GOLDEN CUP - Vagabond LP
Brand new full length from Golden Cup featuring a new expanded 4 piece. Vagabond features 3 tracks, the opening 15 minute tracks takes up the full A side with wild psychedelic percussion and floating riffs, it's one hell of a jam. The B side features two shorter pieces, the first which are totally tranced out tribal percussive pieces, it sound nuts. The closing tracks is the perfect blend of the previous two tracks, crazy percussions, hazy guitars, far out flutes. The new expanded line up has pushed Golden Cup to a new level of other-worldly psychedelia. Edition of 250 copies. Cut at 45 rpm for maximum fidelity! Comes with download coupon for your choice of high quality digital download format.

Following on from previous collaborations between Robert Horton and Charalambides Tom Carter on fine labels such as Important, Preservation and Digitalis, Carter and Horton come back to Blackest Rainbow (both we have previously worked with but not as a duo) for their first duo recording in a while. The 3 tracks result in combinations between outsider improvised trips and swirling head drones created via a wide array of instruments and non-instruments. Carter takes hold of the guitar, ebow and lap steel with Horton's every growing army of sound making objects described here as boot loops, boot, vortex, cassette player, minidisks, vibrator, computer, sine waves, voice, sex machine, organ, construction and beats to name some... Carter and Horton create a wild sound that is almost deconstructed and rebuilt through the 3 tracks, it sounds great and like no one else... Edition of 200.

Debut disc from the new collaborative project between Nathan Bowles (Black Twig Pickers/Spiral Joy Band) and Lisa Cameron (Venison Whirled). A real odd one this, lots of rattling and scraping of percussive objects creating 3 tracks of abstract improvised surreal sonic explorations. The sound is matched by what I can only describe as the weirdest sleeves I have every had the joy of releasing (and we've had some weird ones), but this one is far out, the guy at my local print shop looked baffled when he was printing these for me... Edition of 100 copies in full colour covers with insert.

CDR made for Trans/Human's euro tour in May. Trans/Human are the duo of Adam Denton (frequent collaborator with Cam Deas) and Luke Twyman who runs the Audacious Art Experiment label and space in Sheffield. The Wider is a 33 minute blast of weirdo outsider noise rock, pummelling drums, slabs of effects and feedback, horror movie screams and hypnotic rhythmic freak outs. Limited to 70 hand numbered copies featuring cover photograph by Joe Blanchard.

TOM CARTER - Highs In The Low Twenties CDR
New tour disc of solo material from Tom Carter (made for May's Charalambides UK/EU tour). The first track, 'Train Kept', was previously issued on the long out of print split LP with Barn Owl. This is the first time it has been released on CD. The second track, 'Hurricane Isis' is a new track recorded by Marcia Bassett in Tilburg, Netherlands in March 2008. 'Train Kept' was recorded the month before 'Hurricane Isis'. Both tracks are absolute raging guitar pieces, similar to Carter's 'Shots At Infinity' CD and LP on Important Records, total blow out electric guitar heaven! Edition of 80 hand numbered copies, packaged in parchment paper covers featuring photography by Sarah Blanchard.

Isengrind - Night of Raining Fire LP
Solange Gularte (Natural Snow Buildings) returns for her second solo LP for Blackest Rainbow. A dreamy psychedelic haze of shimmering drones, minimal string plucking with barely-there vocals, Gularte's sound is somewhat more far out in comparison to say Twinsistermoon or Natural Snow Buildings. Night Of Raining Fire showcases this with tracks like the almost medieval sounding Still Voyager, or the outsider folk sound of Nadirs of the Sun. The record comes packaged in a stunning full colour sleeve covered in Gularte's strange surreal illustrators. Limited to 500 copies. 400 on heavyweight blck virgin vinyl, 100 on coloured standard weight vinyl, exclusive to direct customers! Click here to stream the album!

Various - Menagerie #3 LP + zine
Jake Blanchard's third volume of Menagerie finally shows up just over a year after #2... The concept this time is slightly different, not only do the artists create imagery based on the musicians music, but this time the musicians also create a track based on an image created by the artist. Two exclusive new tracks from each of these artists: Ben Nash, Isengrind, C Joynes and Twinsistermoon. And exclusive new artwork by Jim Stoten, Simon Fowler, Adrianne Neil and Jake Blanchard. The sleeve is a collaboration between Jake and Jim and it is incredible! The LP is pressed on heavyweight black virgin vinyl, packaged with a A5 12 page litho printed full colour booklet. Limited to 500 copies.

Chris Forsyth & Koen Holtkamp - Early Astral LP
£11.99 *** LAST FEW GREY VINYL ***
Chris Forsyth has recently been touring around Europe with his Paranoid Cat Band in support of their excellent LP on Family Vineyard as well as playing with Meg Baird on her recent record and a continuing member of the Peeesseye. Koen Holtkamp plays as part of Thrill Jockey's Mountains, as well as releasing solo material on aformentioned Thrill Jockey and Type. On Early Astral Forsyth and Holtkamp team up, playing guitar and synthesizer and modular electronics respectively. The record consists to two tracks, each with a great kraut guitar groove, but frequently rocking into a blissed out epic psychedelic smog of wailing riffs and bubbling electronics. 400 on heavyweight blck virgin vinyl, 100 on coloured standard weight vinyl, exclusive to direct customers! Click here to stream the album!

Ben Nash - Oh Lordy Me! (My Heart Is Wandering Again) LP
It's been quite some time since a full length solo Ben Nash release, and it's finally here, and so,what different from his more psychedelic folk drones he showcased way back on 'The Seventh Goodbye'. Probably best left for Ben to explain this one for you... "I recorded this new full-length record during downtime from playing with Chora and after a long break from recording any solo music. Having become somewhat disillusioned with the process of overdubbing conventional “physical” instruments repeatedly in my solo work I have spent a lot of time experimenting with different ways of inputting, manipulating and arranging sound electronically, both in a variety of computer based environments and also using an Apple iPad. This release is the first in a series that will document these experiments. All sounds on the album stem from and are sequenced within Yamaha’s TNR-I app with some minimal mix processing in Logic" - Ben Nash, Camberwell Green, September 2011. Edition of 250 copies pressed on heavy weight black virgin vinyl. Preorders come with a bonus CDR of new exclusive material! Click here to stream the album.

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